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Devias is a snowfield located at the north of Lorencia and it covered with perpetual snow. Monsters here are more powerful than those in Lorencia or Noria so only adventurers over level 15 can enter Devias. The guild master who creates and manages guilds is also located in Devias. Character can do quests as well here.

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Devias Map


There are different monsters that you can find in Devias Map. Usually these are medium level monsters ranging from Level 20 to Level 52 monsters.

Worm Ice Monster Hommerd
Devias-Worm.jpg Devias-IceMonster.jpg Devias-Hommerd.jpg
It is a monster that eats animals or human bodies dead in snow. You can meet Worm as soon as you just step into Devias. Its body is small, but it has well-developed chin and teeth so adventurers who visit Devias first may be killed by Worm. Can be found all across the devias maps. Ice Monster lives in Devias and has iced body. It is transparent so it is not visible for adventurers. Making use of that, Ice Monster secretly approaches adventurers and freezes them by use of its main specialty, ice sorcery, and then, guides them into death by use of its strong nails. This monster is commonly found all across the devias maps. Many of the Devias adventurers died due to severely cold weather, not due to fighting with monsters. Kundun made the frozen dead bodies resurrected and then, gave energy to them so that they could be strong warriors. Available in the east of Devias, Hommerd is armed with Larkan Ax and Big Round Shield. It handles axes and shields freely, and harasses adventurers. This monster is commonly found in devias 2 and 3 map.
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 20 Monster Level 20 Monster Level 26
Stamina 600 Stamina 600 Stamina 700
Minimal Striking Power 75 Minimal Striking Power 75 Minimal Striking Power 85
Maximum Striking Power 80 Maximum Striking Power 80 Maximum Striking Power 90
Defensive Power 25 Defensive Power 25 Defensive Power 29
Defense Success Rate 25 Defense Success Rate 25 Defense Success Rate 29
Assassin Yeti Elder Yeti
Devias-Assassin.jpg Devias-Yeti.jpg Devias-ElderYeti.jpg
It is the warrior who kills adventurers of MU Continent due to money. Hiding under snow, it gives a blow to people passing by. It is very fast and excellent at seclusion. Assassin arms its both hands with Katache, and is available at the north and the west of Devias. It is agile and fast so it attacks adventurers' vital spot. Its sudden attack is fatal to characters that have weak physical strength like dark sorcerers. This warrior can be seen in devias 2 map. Kundun gave a life to Snowman by cursing ices on the mountainous areas so Snowman follows only Kunduns order. Snowman lives in the north of Devias and is waiting for adventurers who are going toward Ice Queen. It makes a long-distance attack, using snowballs. The offense is accurate and has a great destructive power so it is difficult to run away from it. This beast lurks on devias 2,3 and 4 maps. It is the captain of Snowmen. Once caught by it, adventurers can't run away from it due to its four arms. It is a dreadful monster with powerful physical strength and offensive power. You can meet Snowman Captain at the entrance of the north end of Noria where Ice Queen is. Due to its large body, its action is slow and it can't make a long-distance offense like Snowman, but its powerful offense using 4 arms and powerful physical strength keep many adventurers from approaching Ice Queen. This monster is usually found in devias 2,3, and 4 maps.
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 26 Monster Level 30 Monster Level 36
Stamina 800 Stamina 900 Stamina 1200
Minimal Striking Power 95 Minimal Striking Power 105 Minimal Striking Power 120
Maximum Striking Power 100 Maximum Striking Power 110 Maximum Striking Power 125
Defensive Power 33 Defensive Power 37 Defensive Power 50
Defense Success Rate 33 Defense Success Rate 37 Defense Success Rate 43
Ice Queen Death King and Death Bone
Devias-IceQueen.jpg Devias-DeathKing.jpg
Ice Queen is beautiful and was a daughter of the lord of Byron Castle in Devias. However, as she rejected the proposal of marriage of Minuas who is a subordinate of Kundun's, she was under the curse that she couldn't die forever. Living in the northernmost of Devias, Ice Queen is the hardest monster to fight with in Devias. Not only it has powerful physical strength, but also it makes long-distance attacks so it is one of the monsters that Fairy or Dark Sorcerer avoids fighting with. Ice Queens can be found in Devias 4 Map. -
Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 52 Monster Level -
Stamina 4000 Stamina -
Minimal Striking Power 155 Minimal Striking Power -
Maximum Striking Power 165 Maximum Striking Power -
Defensive Power 90 Defensive Power -
Defense Success Rate 76 Defense Success Rate -


Golden Budge Dragon Golden Soldier Golden Titan
Devias-GoldenBudgeDragon.jpg Devias-GoldenSoldier.jpg Devias-GoldenTitan.jpg
- - -
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 15 Monster Level 70 Monster Level 53
Stamina 2200 Stamina 4000 Stamina 8000
Minimal Striking Power 120 Minimal Striking Power 175 Minimal Striking Power 170
Maximum Striking Power 125 Maximum Striking Power 180 Maximum Striking Power 185
Defensive Power 45 Defensive Power 110 Defensive Power 105
Defense Success Rate 1 Defense Success Rate 4 Defense Success Rate 3
Drop Box of Kundun +5 Drop Box of Kundun +5 Drop Box of Kundun +5
Golden Dragon
Monster Stat:
Monster Level 80
Stamina 23000
Minimal Striking Power 300
Maximum Striking Power 350
Defensive Power 230
Defense Success Rate 2
Drop Box of Kundun +5

Non - Player Characters

Non Player Characters (NPC) that you can find in Devias are the following:

Non-Player Character Coordinates
Trainer 213,45
Safety Guardian 218,62
Thompson Kenel 204,42
Shadow Phantom Soldier 220,77
Chaos Goblin 204,44
Lahap 205,47
Charon 203,47
Messenger of Archangel 210,30
Wizard Izabel 225,39
Royal Guard Captain Lorence 215,45
Marlon 198,47
Weapons Merchant Zienna 186,47
Sebina the Priest 183,32
Guards 170,39
Natasha The Firecracker Merchant 13,27
Guards 210,39