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The Devil Square Event is where you and other nine ( 9 ) Players are locked up inside the Devil's Square along with a lot of monsters that will try to kill you. Your objective is to survive the event for Twenty ( 20 ) minutes and earn the most experience and items as you can get.

Are you strong enough to Survive?

Enter as one of 10 brave characters to engage the forces of Kundun as they spawn in front of you in a endless barrage of attacks. Either alone or in a team , only the strongest will survive in the Devils Square. With the Devils Invitation, you are granted access into the Devils Square, where your strength will be tested. Devil Square can be entered by talking to Charon on Noria / Devias.

Item Requirement

To enter this event, you will need a Devil's Square Ticket Invitation + 7

Creating a Devil's Square Ticket Invitation

  • Talk to the Chaos Goblin & choose Regular Combination Option
  • Place 1x Devils Eye+ 7 & 1x Devils Key+ 7 & 1 Jewel of Chaos in the combination window
Devil Square Ticket.jpg
  • The success rate is 70 %
  • You need 2,000,000 Zen in order to create a Devil Square Ticket

  • If the combination succeeded, you will receive 1x Devil's Square Invitation+ 7.

If the combination fails,then all of your items & jewels will disappear.

Devil ticket Square Result.jpg

The Items Needed:

Qty Item Description Image
1pc 1x Devil's Eye Devils Eye.jpg
1pc 1x Devil's Key Devils Key.jpg
1pc Jewel of Chaos Joc.png
2,000,000 Zen -


NPC Charon
Devias( 203 , 46 ) * Noria( 170 , 105 )
  • When the event opens, submit the Devil's Square Ticket Invitation to Charon located in Devias(203,46) or in Noria(170,105)
  • Upon submission, you will be warped inside the Devil Square with other players and wait until the event will start.


  • Your objective is to survive inside the Devil Square for Twenty( 20 ) Minutes.
  • Gain a lot of Experience from killing monsters
  • You can pick up all items that drop from monsters

Event Time

The Event will open 5 minutes before it will start. It would be better to enter 5 minutes before it will start because the maximum limit of players is only ( 10 ). If the maximum number of players is reached , you cannot enter the event anymore.

Start of Event Schedule
A.M Schedule ( GMT + 8 ) P.M Schedule ( GMT + 8 )
12 : 00 A.M 12 : 00 P.M
02 : 00 A.M 02 : 00 P.M
04 : 00 A.M 04 : 00 P.M
06 : 00 A.M 06 : 00 P.M
08 : 00 A.M 08 : 00 P.M
10 : 00 A.M 10 : 00 P.M

Devil Square Rules

  • The Warp Command Window ( M ) will work inside the Devil Square.
  • Other players are not allowed to enter after the Ten ( 10 ) maximum slots have been filled.
  • When the character gets killed in Devil Square or gets accidentally disconnected, he will be warped back to Devias.
  • The Event will open Five ( 5 ) minutes before it will start. During this period, you can use Buff Skills ( i.e Swell Buff, Soul Barrier Buff ,etc ) but you cannot kill other players. You can also create a party with other players.


  • Members inside of Devil Square can keep all items dropped in Devil Square.
  • Depending on your score which is based on how many monsters you kill your character will gain a large experience bonus at the end of the event.

Special Drops

  • Empty Sphere LVL 5 x1 Drop Rate
  • Jewel of Creation x5 Drop Rate
  • Jewel of Bless x5 Drop Rate
  • Jewel of Soul x5 Drop Rate
  • Jewel of Chaos x5 Drop Rate
  • Silver Key x5 Drop Rate
  • Gold Key x5 Drop Rate
  • Talisman of Chaos Assembly x1 Drop Rate
  • Elemental Talisman of Luck x2 Drop Rate
  • Elemental Talisman of Chaos x1 Drop Rate
  • Magic Backpack x2 Drop Rate

NOTE : Double Rate on VIP Server 7

MU Helper Codes

  • Socket Add Slot Token = type Socket
  • Elemental Talisman of Chaos = type Talisman
  • Elemental Talisman of Luck = type Talisman
  • Talisman of Chaos Assembly = type Talisman
  • Spirit Map Fragment = type Fragment
  • Sign Of Lord = type lord
  • Dark Phoenix Flame = type Phoenix
  • Death Beam Knight Soul = type Beam
  • Death King's Bone = type King
  • Hell Maine's Leather = type Maine
  • Magic Backpack = type Magic
  • Seed Sphere + 5 Empty = type Empty 5

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