Iris Set

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Iris Set

The Iris Set is one of the Fairy Elf's Set. It has a nice bright green color which can be a good set of choice for fashion.

  • The Plate Set is a Set that can be enforced with Yellow Options by dropping a Jewel of Harmony onto your Item.
  • If you wanna know how to create a Jewel of Harmony, click this link
  • If you wanna know the list of yellow options , click this link
  • If you wanna know the Levels of yellow options related to Item Level, view the Image below

Parts and Requirements


Iris Helmet
Excellent Iris Helmet +15
Non Excellent Excellent
Strength 120 158
Agility 160 213
Defense 82 113


Iris Armor
Excellent Iris Armor +15
Non Excellent Excellent
Strength 132 170
Agility 177 230
Defense 93 126


Iris Gloves
Excellent Iris Gloves +15
Non Excellent Excellent
Strength 111 149
Agility 148 200
Defense 75 105


Iris Pants
Excellent Iris Pants +15
Non Excellent Excellent
Strength 123 161
Agility 164 217
Defense 86 117


Iris Boots
Excellent Iris Boots +15
Non Excellent Excellent
Strength 122 159
Agility 162 215
Defense 78 108

Excellent Item +15 Reference

Excellent Iris Set +15