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A Special NPC that is Known for Removing The Yellow option of an Item.It is Located in Aida Coordinates ( 86 , 12 ) and in Lorencia Coordinates ( 128 , 115 )


Adding Yellow Option

To add a yellow option to your item, simply drag and drop your Jewel of Harmony over it.

Jewel of Harmony.jpg

  • There is a chance that it will fail resulting to the loss of your jewel.
  • However, when the upgrading succeeds ,you will receive a random yellow option and the item will be bound to you in which you will not be able to sell or trade it until you remove the option

Removing Yellow Option

In case if you do not like harmony option which you randomly got, you can remove it from your item and try again.

For low-level yellow options

  • You only need to talk to Jerridon (Found in Lorencia and Aida Safe zones)
  • Place the item With a yellow Option
  • Press the Refine button.
  • The yellow option will be removed successfully.

For maxed yellow options (on +15 items)

  • Same process above but you need 2 billion zen in order to remove yellow options.

NOTE: Do not remove your Yellow option when your internet connection is slow or unsafe. There is a chance your item might get lost if you suddenly get disconnected. For security purposes, always take a screenshot when doing this.


  • Step1 : Click Jewel Of Harmony then Put it on Any Excellent Item(except socketed items)

JD Step 1.jpg

  • Step2 : A Random Yellow Option Will Appear On Your Item

JD Step 2.jpg

  • Step3 : To Remove the Yellow Option , Talk to Jerridon and Place the Excellent Item with a Yellow option

JD Step 3.jpg

  • Step4 : Click The Button Restore and wait.

JD Step 4.jpg

  • Step5 : As Result , The yellow option of your item will be Removed.

JD Step 5.jpg