Jewel Farming Guide

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This guide will help you how to farm jewels easily. It will only take a few minutes but it is rest assured that you will earn jewels.

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First of all, you need to find a server that only a few people are leveling

  • Hence, the recommended server for jewel farming is server 1.
Farming 001.jpg

In server 1, the players are much concentrated in market activity than to level up their character(so newbie hunting area here is not populated).If server 1 is full try to click and click the box ZhyperMU until you can connect.

Second step is to determine what character to choose

The recommended character for jewel farming is a Magic Gladiator.

  • The Magic gladiator's armor and attack damage in a 0 reset stage is greater than any character(except Rage Fighters)
  • One of the Magic gladiator's advantage is that he can wear the items of a dark wizard and a dark knight and he gains 7 stat points per level
Farming 002.jpg

Other characters are not easy to level up fast in starting stage unlike magic gladiator

Next is to determine which map is ideal for jewel farming

The recommended starting hunting area for jewel farming is Lorencia.

  • Its monster distribution is good enough for fast leveling of magic gladiator. Also, the magic gladiator spawns first at Lorencia.

(Just press "Tab" button in your keyboard to see the map of your current location).

So lets divide the starting hunting area of lorencia into two(2) zones. The red zone and the blue zone

Farming 003.jpg

In the red zone, hunt monsters here until you get level 50

  • Remember that when you see zen always pick them up so that you can warp to other maps
  • It is also advised to Create a store and name it Jewel Farming so that other players will be able to distinguish who are the newbie players and who are the one who are jewel farming. You may create your own store when you reach level 6.
Farming 004.jpg

It is advised to put all your stat points at strength when you reach lvl 50 so that it would be easy to kill monsters in the blue zone.

Steps on creating a store

  • Go to your Inventory by pressing the letter V or I
  • Go to your Personal Store by pressing the letter S'
  • Place any item(that is not valuable and not expensive) and price it with 99,999,999 zen
  • Type the title of your store as Jewel Farming
  • Click the center button below Open

In the blue zone, only kill lich and elite bull fighters

  • Their defense is low so they you can kill them in 1 strike
  • Hunt in this zone until you reach level 80
Farming 005.jpg

When you reach lvl 80, you can drop your 2 rings that you equip when you create your character

  • They drop jewel of soul, jewel of chaos, jewel of life, jewel of bless and zen
Farming 006.jpg

  • After dropping them ,place your jewels in your storage vault before switching character again.
Farming 007.jpg

  • After placing the jewels in your storage vault, delete the character you used.
  • Press ESC Button
  • Choose Switch Character Option
  • Delete the character you used in Jewel Farming
  • It will ask you a specific password. The webzen password is 111111111.
Farming 008.jpg

  • After which, create again a new magic gladiator and repeat the steps of jewel farming.