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The Life Stone Portal

Life Stones are one of the most important and beneficial item during the Castle Siege Warfare. Aside from Siege Potions, Life Stones are used as a portal and re-spawning point for characters. When a character dies, he will be warped to where the Life Stone was dropped.

♠Only the Guild/Assistant Guild Master can use & drop the Life Stone. Once the Life Stone is created, it functions as a re-spawning point for the entire members of the Guild. When the invading team's character gets killed, he will re-spawn from the life stone and not from the outside of castle.

Life Stone CS.jpg

→ When Invading Team's guild member (including united guild) gets killed, he will re-spawn nearer from the battle zone.

→ Can only be used by the Invading teams.

→ There is a Sixty ( 60 ) second timer for placing the life stone.

→ Due to its special powers, it will restore HP/MP/AG to the invading team's characters around it (3 tiles) at the certain time.

→ Life Stones can be destroyed when attacked by Other Invading/Defending teams.

Creating a Life Stone

Life Stone

- Life Stones can be created through the Chaos Machine

- Items needed

Creation Procedure

Step 1: Go to the Chaos Goblin at Devias (203, 43) or Noria (181, 102)

Step 2: Choose Regular Combination Option and Place all the items required (stated above)

Life Stone - 001.jpg

Step 3: Click the Combine Button located below and a Life Stone will be created.

  • The Combination Success Rate is 100 %

Life Stone - 002.jpg

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