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Lorencia is a wide plain located in the center of MU. Dark Knights, Dark Lords, and Magic Gladiators begin their careers here. Due to heavy rainfall tall trees and grasses abound. It is a suitable hunting place for low level (1-20) adventurers. Lorencia is also a place where most people market their items for profit. You can say that Lorencia is the Capital of the MU Continent, due to vast activities being done here.

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Lorencia Map


There are different monsters that you can find in Lorencia Map. Usually these are low level monsters ranging from Level 2 to Level 19 monsters.

Spider Budge Dragon Bull Fighter
Lorencia-Spider.jpg Lorencia-BudgeDragon.jpg Lorencia-BullFighter.jpg
Mutant spider that has become huge by the strong evil atmosphere with resurrection of Kundun. It is a low class of monster that you can meet first after passing through the south gate of Lorencia. It moves fast, approaches a passing adventurer, and attacks in group. After biting, it injects poisons into the wound. Despite this deadly characteristic, its blow point is too low so it is much easier to hunt one than any other monsters on MU Continent. This is usually located at Lorencia South Gate. It is a baby dragon that has appeared on the Metamore World with resurrection of Kundun while living in the remote mountain. It belongs to the dragon race that has occupied the southern plain of Lorencia. Its size is small, but its blast offense is a big threatening to elementary adventurers. It moves in an irregular direction, flapping its wings so agile hands are essential. Especially, when fighting with it, you should be careful for spiders' enveloping attack. This monster can be found on the Lorencia South Gate. It is Minotaur warrior that was born by combination of the angry spirits of the dead warriors and dead cows. It is half human and half animal. It lives at the grassland in the southwest of Lorencia, and its characteristic is a big cow horn. It flourishes a big scythe so the warrior beginners may go to a town to heal. It is hasty and outrageous so it often has fights each other. This monster can be found on Lorencia Left and Right Gates.
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 2 Monster Level 4 Monster Level 6
Stamina 40 Stamina 80 Stamina 120
Minimal Striking Power 6 Minimal Striking Power 12 Minimal Striking Power 19
Maximum Striking Power 8 Maximum Striking Power 17 Maximum Striking Power 26
Defensive Power 1 Defensive Power 3 Defensive Power 6
Defense Success Rate 1 Defense Success Rate 3 Defense Success Rate 6
Elite Bull Fighter Lich Giant
Lorencia-EliteBullFighter.jpg Lorencia-Lich.jpg Lorencia-Giant.jpg
It is a strong Minotaur warrior that was made of the dead spirits with big anger over their deaths. It is the key and leader of Horn Warrior army. It resembles Horn Warrior, but it is much bigger. As much as its size, it has strong power. Attacks by use of horn or Bardiche have great power of destruction. In order to fight with this monster, you should move continuously and make an advantageous situation by use of slow motions of the monster. This monster is usually found on the upper part of Lorencia, as well as on the Left Gate. It believes in devils and plays sorceries of darkness. It is a sorcerer who keeps Lorencia Dungeon. It can use strong sorcery of meteorite. It can play sorcery of meteorite freely. You should prepare yourself for a fire stone in order to fight with Lich who is watching on the way to Dungeon. If you think that Lich¡¯s slow motions having skeleton staff and then, attack, you will be seriously injured without seeing meteorites falling from sky. If you meet Lich, you should make a prompt decision whether to fight with it or run away. Lich¡¯s physical strength is quite weak so it may be effective to have short-distance wars in case of Knights or Fairies. While fighting with it, if you meet Skeleton Warrior from Dungeon, you had better run away. This monster is usually found in Lorencia Right Gate. It is a boss monster that invades Lorencia, together with low-leveled monsters, by Kundun¡¯s order. It is the strongest monster in Lorencia. Skeleton Warrior is stronger, but it is from Dungeon. Among the monsters around Lorencia,w it has the highest physical strength, offensive power and defensive power. It is a giant race. If you can fight with Giant who flourishes a huge double-bladed ax, you are not a beginner any longer. It guards the path to the snowfield Devias and its moves slowly. You should check your weapons first, otherwise, you will use up all the arrows and Mana before the game is over. This huge monster usually lurks in the upper parts of Lorencia.
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 12 Monster Level 14 Monster Level 17
Stamina 220 Stamina 260 Stamina 500
Minimal Striking Power 35 Minimal Striking Power 45 Minimal Striking Power 60
Maximum Striking Power 44 Maximum Striking Power 52 Maximum Striking Power 70
Defensive Power 12 Defensive Power 14 Defensive Power 18
Defense Success Rate 12 Defense Success Rate 14 Defense Success Rate 18
Skeleton Poison Bull Fighter Death King and Death Bone
Lorencia-Skeleton.jpg Lorencia-PoisonBull.jpg Lorencia-DeathKing.jpg
It is a strong skeleton living in the Dungeon. When it is dark, Skeleton Warrior comes out to the town and attacks all the living things. Skeleton Warrior equipped with Gladius and bucklers is the first monster that adventurers can meet in Dungeon. It looks very weak, but it is obstinate to run after adventurers to the end and its attacks are very fast so adventurers may be kicked out of Dungeon. This hideous monster usually lurks in Lorencia Right Gate and near the Dungeon entrance. It boasts of the strongest power among Horn Warriors. Living on the second and the third floor of Dungeon, Poison Cow Horn Warrior is armed with Great Scythe. Suitably for its large body, it has powerful physical strength and offensive power, and in its offense, strong poison is included. -
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 19 Monster Level 46 Monster Level -
Stamina 600 Stamina 2500 Stamina -
Minimal Striking Power 70 Minimal Striking Power 145 Minimal Striking Power -
Maximum Striking Power 78 Maximum Striking Power 150 Maximum Striking Power -
Defensive Power 22 Defensive Power 75 Defensive Power -
Defense Success Rate 22 Defense Success Rate 61 Defense Success Rate -


Golden Budge Dragon Golden Goblin Golden Dragon
Lorencia-GoldenBudgeDragon.jpg Lorencia-GoldenGoblin.jpg Lorencia-GoldenDragon.jpg
- - -
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 15 Monster Level 20 Monster Level 80
Stamina 2200 Stamina 3100 Stamina 23000
Minimal Striking Power 120 Minimal Striking Power 125 Minimal Striking Power 300
Maximum Striking Power 125 Maximum Striking Power 130 Maximum Striking Power 350
Defensive Power 45 Defensive Power 50 Defensive Power 230
Defense Success Rate 1 Defense Success Rate 1 Defense Success Rate 2
Drop Box of Kundun +5 Drop Box of Kundun +5 Drop Box of Kundun +5

Non - Player Characters

There are a lot of Non Player Characters (NPC) that you can find in Lorencia among them are:

Non-Player Character Coordinates
Lumen the Barmaid 123,134
Silvia 130,134
Wandering Merchant Alex 131,139
Wandering Merchant Martin 130,126
Osbourne 129,116
Oracle Layla 130,117
Jerridon 127,116
Pasi the Mage 118,114
Trainer 123,111
Safety Guardian 146 ,111
152, 111
148 ,145
Gens Vanert Steward 150,140
Gens Duprian Steward 144,127
Mirage 138,139
Chaos Card Master 130,146
Thompson Kenel 125,146
Wandering Merchant 121,141
Hanzo the Blacksmith 116,142
Shadow Phantom Soldier 130,87
Potion Girl Amy 126,86
Golden Archer 175,119
Lugard 143,130
Doorkeeper Titus 131,129