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Marlon is the NPC used for character advancement. By talking to this NPC, you are asked to do quests and submit quest items. Marlon can be found at : Lorencia - (Coor. 138,87) Noria - (Coor. 170,90) Devias – (Coor. 199, 47) Atlans – (Coor. 18, 24)

Character advancement: 2nd Quest (NPC Marlon)

Characters classes which can partake this quest

  • Blade Knight
  • Soul Master
  • Muse Elf
  • Bloody Summoner


  • Need to be at least level 220 – 300
  • Talk to Marlon
  • 1st part of quest – The story:

- Need 2-10mil zen available to partake the hero story quest

  • 2nd part of quest – Find Ring of Glory / Honor:

- This can be found from killing monsters in Lost Tower 7, Tarkan , or Arena / Stadium or sometimes it can also be sold at Potion Girl.

Upon finding the Ring of Glory / Honor

- Character must return the item to NPC Marlon in order to complete the Hero Status Quest: 2nd Advancement.


- Marlon will award 3-5 stats point in completing the quest if you complete the quest in 1 level

e.g. If a character was doing this quest at level 400 or if a character with level 220+ are not gaining levels while completing this quest, which means if he/she have level 300 and when he/she complete and still have level 300, thus Marlon rewards them with 3-5 stats bonus points


- Marlon will award an approximate of 1 stat point per character level past 220.

e.g. a character with level of 250 completing the quest will received 49 additional stat points.

NPC Marlon 3rd Part: COMBO Quest (Only for Blade Knights)

This is the 3rd part of the Hero Status advancement especially build for Blade Knights, in order to learn the combo ability in which are additional skills for Blade Knights.


1. Upon completing the 1st and 2nd part of Marlon quest, Blade Knight must then:

  • Talk to NPC Marlon
  • Need 3,000,000 zen
  • Find Dark Stone
can be found / drop from monsters available in Tarkan map or sometimes are sold in Lorencia NPCs.

2. Upon returning the Dark Stone to Marlon.

  • Return to NPC Marlon
  • Give him the Dark Stone

3. Blade Knight will fully be marked as Heroes of Mu Online Continent and awarded with the COMBO skills, in order to defend and damage against enemies.