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Noria, the home world of the Fairy kingdom, are huge woods located in the easternmost of the MU Continent. Originally, Noria was once populated only by the Fairies, but after Kundun's invasion of MU, exchange between humans grew more frequent and human settlement in the region became more pronounced. Fairy characters all begin their careers within Noria. The region's location may seem trivial but as the access point for the East Sea and the underwater city of Atlans it plays a significant role. The Chaos Goblin that creates Chaos items and Wings through the unique Chaos System also resides here.

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Noria Map


Goblin Chain Scorpion Elite Goblin
Noria-Goblin.jpg Noria-ChainScorpion.jpg Noria-EliteGoblin.jpg
Goblin is belligerent and fast. It has a small body so it is not so hard to fight with. Goblin is guarding the southwest plain of Noria, which is the easy monster to fight with second to Spider on MU Continent. The race of Goblin doesn't like to fight and is obedient enough to be a partner for Fairy's battle practice. However, you can be damaged by attack of Ring Scorpion if you think about only the battle with Goblin. Ring Scorpion moves fast and has an ability of surprise attack. It is distributed extensively in Noria. Living near Noria, Ring Scorpion rolls itself to move by use of its small body and soft skin. It boasts of its fast movement. By use of its tail which is the only weapon of Ring Scorpion, it attacks adventurers. It is the captain of Goblin race that unconditionally attacks the living things around itself under the control of Kundun without any decisive power. It tried to keep its race Goblin that doesn't like fighting, and it is available at the northwest of Noria. It is together with other strong monsters so it is not easy to hunt only Goblin Captain.
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 3 Monster Level 5 Monster Level 8
Stamina 60 Stamina 100 Stamina 140
Minimal Striking Power 9 Minimal Striking Power 14 Minimal Striking Power 22
Maximum Striking Power 11 Maximum Striking Power 20 Maximum Striking Power 32
Defensive Power 2 Defensive Power 4 Defensive Power 8
Defense Success Rate 2 Defense Success Rate 4 Defense Success Rate 8
Beetle Monster Hunter Forest Monster
Noria-BeetleMonster.jpg Noria-Hunter.jpg Noria-ForestMonster.jpg
It is a mutant monster of gold bug. The evil atmosphere made it mutant. Distributed extensively in the west of Lorencia, Gold Bug Monster attacks, floating in the air by use of wings on its back. In a battle, it besieges and attacks in group so it is not easy to fight with. Therefore, whether to control the encircling net or not is the key to the battle. Its location is similar to that of Hunter so you should be careful for any sudden dangerous situation. It is an undead monster that is brainwashed to recognize all the living things as enemies and to attack them. The spirit of a hunter is combined. It seizes the west woods of Noria, and its specialty is long-distance attack by use of Crossbow. Hunter is a master of Crossbow so you may have to return to the town to heal your injuries without making a counterattack. It is your decision whether to run away or to defeat with power, but you should be careful for the encircling attack that Gold Bug Monster joins. It was born by injection of new energy into an evil spirit living in the woods near Noria. Living in the north and the east of Noria, Forest Monster moves fast by use of two strong legs and attacks with strong big nails. It likes to move in group so it may not be easy to fight with.
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 10 Monster Level 13 Monster Level 15
Stamina 180 Stamina 240 Stamina 320
Minimal Striking Power 30 Minimal Striking Power 40 Minimal Striking Power 50
Maximum Striking Power 40 Maximum Striking Power 48 Maximum Striking Power 58
Defensive Power 10 Defensive Power 13 Defensive Power 15
Defense Success Rate 10 Defense Success Rate 13 Defense Success Rate 15
Agon Stone Golem Death King and Death Bone
Noria-Agon.jpg Noria-StoneGolem.jpg Noria-DeathKing.jpg
It is called a watchman of the hell as it steals the spirits of living things, having swords in its two hands. Inhabiting in the north of Noria, Agon arms its both hands with Serpent Volgue. It likes to move alone so it may look easy to hunt, but its powerful attack using Serpent Volgue reminds you of its nickname, watchman of the hell.. The evil spirit is put into this monster so it has very strong power. Its movements are slow, but its offensive power is very strong. Stone Monster that is mainly available at the east of Noria has a large stone body. Its physical strength is powerful as much as its big body, and its offensive power with its weight on is most fearful in Noria for adventures. -
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 16 Monster Level 18 Monster Level -
Stamina 400 Stamina 550 Stamina -
Minimal Striking Power 55 Minimal Striking Power 65 Minimal Striking Power -
Maximum Striking Power 62 Maximum Striking Power 65 Maximum Striking Power -
Defensive Power 16 Defensive Power 16 Defensive Power -
Defense Success Rate 20 Defense Success Rate 20 Defense Success Rate -


Golden Budge Dragon Golden Goblin Golden Dragon
Noria-GoldenBudgeDragon.jpg Noria-GoldenGoblin.jpg Noria-GoldenDragon.jpg
- - -
Monster Stat: Monster Stat: Monster Stat:
Monster Level 15 Monster Level 20 Monster Level 80
Stamina 2200 Stamina 3100 Stamina 23000
Minimal Striking Power 120 Minimal Striking Power 125 Minimal Striking Power 300
Maximum Striking Power 125 Maximum Striking Power 130 Maximum Striking Power 350
Defensive Power 45 Defensive Power 50 Defensive Power 230
Defense Success Rate 1 Defense Success Rate 1 Defense Success Rate 2
Drop Box of Kundun +5 Drop Box of Kundun +5 Drop Box of Kundun +5

Non Player Characters

Non Player Character that you will find in Noria are the following:

Non-Player Character Coordinates
Safety Guardian 173,95
Thompson Kenel 167,100
Shadow Phantom Soldier 168,118
Chaos Goblin 181,102
Eo The Craftsman 195,125
Elf Lala 173,126
Lahap 169,108
Charon 170,105