Sealed Stone Shard

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It is a shard of a Sealed Stone used at 'Devil God Sealing Operation' by Etramu and Kundun for sealing Dark God Sekneum. It has a trace of wizard Etramu's and Sekneum's magical powers. However weakened, the magical power is too much for even the heroes of MU continent, so that one of the 12 apostles of light, James, hands it out to only the chosen ones who can handle the power.

Sealed Stone Shard

What is Sealed Stone Shard

Material Use to Upgrade Evil Bloodangel Set Item +11/16 JOL Option or Above to Evil Darkangel Set Item.

Where to Farm Sealed Stone Shard

  • Nightmare Event

How to Use Sealed Stone Shard

  • Talk to the Chaos Goblin
  • Choose Item Option Combination button
  • Put a Bloodangel Set Item +11/16 JOL Option + 1 Bundle 10x Jewel of Bless + 1 Bundle 10x Jewel of Soul(10) + 1 Jewel of Chaos + 1 Jewel of Creation
Seal Shard on ChaosMachine.png

  • Click Combine
Upgraded Darkangel.png

-Blood Angel to Dark Angel Upgrade is 100% Success Rate.
-All Evolved Item will go back to +0 item level and +0 Jol Option as default webzen mechanics.
-Excellent Options for Uber BA will be retained.
- If your item has luck and max increase stats option, upgrading it will have chance losing luck.

Luck Chances
+11 = 60% chance to have luck
+12 = 65% chance to have luck
+13 = 75% chance to have luck
+14 = 80% chance to have luck
+15 = 85% chance to have luck



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