Talisman of Chaos Assembly

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Talisman of Chaos Assembly (also known as TCA) is an item used in upgrading your item Level which will protect your item. When we upgrade our item level using the Chaos Goblin , there is a chance that the combination will fail. When it fails,the Talisman of Chaos Assembly will prevent our item from disappearing.

You may only use TCA when upgrading your item level to +10 up to +15. So our item (set part,wings,weapons,shields except accessories) must be +9.

NOTE: Keep in mind that although the item will not disappear, it will become +0 when it fails. TCA is used only once, and it must be placed in the machine along other items in order for it to become effective.

Where to hunt

  • Loren Invasion Event, located at Server 12 Valley of Loren map every 7:00 PM GMT+8 (Event last for 30 minutes)
  • also drops on Mini Boss like Hydra, Golden Zaikan and Golden Deathbeam Knight

How to upgrade your item level to +9

Since we need our item to be +9 so that we can upgrade our item in the Chaos Goblin and use TCA, follow this guide:

  • Upgrade your item level from +0 to +6 by dropping 1x Jewel of Bless.( The success rate of upgrading your item using a jewel of bless will be 100%)
  • When your item is now +6, upgrade your item level to +7 up to +9 by dropping 1x Jewel of Soul.( The success rate of upgrading your item using a jewel of soul is 50%).

NOTE: When your item fails at +7 , it will go back to +5 . But when your item fails at +8 or +9, it will go back to +0.

Here is guide:

  • 1.Choose your item that you wish to upgrade and put it in the machine.


  • 2.Place your jewels and Talisman of Chaos Assembly in any order you want.

(You may or may not use TCA but it is highly recommended to use one}


  • 3.Press OK button to confirm.


  • 4.Getting assembled…


  • 5.Now it is upgraded to +10.


  • 6.This time we are going for +11. As before, place the item, jewels and TCA.


  • 7.Click "OK" to combine.


  • 8.Getting assembled.


  • 9.It failed. However thanks to TCA, the item didn’t disappear. But it has become +0 instead.