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Voting for our server means that we are satisfied in playing the game. We show our gratitude and gratefulness by voting. Not only that you are helping the server but you will also gain some benefits.

You can vote for our server once every 24 hours in our Main Website.

Benefits of Voting

These are the benefits of voting:

  • Receive 4 VIP point on voting our server. (Can be doubled if given as a monthly reward)
  • Receive 12 Credit Points by voting on our Main Server. (Can be doubled if given as a monthly reward)
  • You can exchange VIP Points into Cash Points.
  • When Monthly Vote Goals is reached you will be entitled to awesome Item Upgrade Discounts, Extra event prizes, Box Drops, and other rewards
  • Post Screenshots of your votes in forum and you might have a chance to win awesome prizes of the [1]!.

How to Vote

To vote:

1. Go to our Main Web Site.


  • Log in and then, look under the Account Management click VOTE 4 POINTS or you can click Vote 4 Points Option in the User Panel.


  • After clicking it ,you will see this image. Choose the server you wish to Vote and click the VOTE button.


2. After clicking the Vote button , you will be redirected to gtop100 Site where you will be required to click "Verify" for verification.


3. Once you click Verify, a Fun Captcha image will open. Just follow the instruction given. Then click DONE.


4. When your Fun Captcha image is right, you can now click VOTE FOR ZhyperMU Undisputed Best MU Server.


5. You will see this when your vote is done.

Done Voting.JPG

Keep Voting guys.

You can also support our Server by Voting without using your account (you will not received any credit points and VIP points) by clicking this LINK

NOTE: you can vote only for every 24 hours.