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March 2014, Edition


Undoubtedly, through the past months, seeing many players complain about what they call the uselessness of credit points has been part of our forum users everyday life. In their minds, the Zhyperians are not given enough incentives to gather these points. In fact, their expectations when it comes to credit points are down to two main upcoming updates: the implementation of the new version of the "Webshop", and the delivery of the five thousand credit points. "Patience is a virtue" has become a commonplace sentence that can be read on an almost daily basis. While some players had their patience worn out in a matter of weeks, others chose to behave more reasonably, considering that waiting remained the only option anyway. But has their patience been rewarded during the month of March?

The first and most obvious point to highlight is March's vote goal attainment. While it brought back hope among the community, showing how strong and united it can still be, it also led to concrete benefits that have something to do with credit points, such as a twenty-five percent discount on the "Zhyper Hardcore" subscription for the first week. But above all, the much dreamt service of credit points to cash points was added to the list of April?s vote goals rewards, and that is an unprecedented incentive to vote and gather points.

The 'Zhyperian Raffle' was the second reason why one can assert that credit points are not as useless as some players say they are. This event, offered by HGM Ret, precisely gave the opportunity to those who had spent time collecting credit points to win spectacular prizes. Five tier 2 sets were brought into play. In order to participate forum users had to buy raffle tickets for seven hundred credit points each, and obviously buying several tickets automatically meant having more chances to win. It was said that some people bought more than one hundred tickets, which reveals how popular the event was and disproves the uselessness of credit points.

Finally, the solo subscriptions were given an additional delight, since it is now possible to buy a full status character without having to pay for a whole package. Its cost was set to one thousand credit points which can come from up to two different accounts. As a consequence, a series of threads meant to sell or buy full status characters emerged in the miscellaneous items part of the market section. Spending only two or three black pets in order to try the Rage Fighter is no longer impossible.

Therefore, the month of March has sent a clear message to credit point's detractors, which is that the absence of the webshop does not mean that voting is pointless. On the contrary, the community was able to relish the updates that are put before it every month is what can make, and will always make, the glory days of ZhyperMU.

So happy voting, and of course, happy gaming.


As one may have noticed, the Dungeon Race event used to be a difficult event to win. Not only was it necessary to memorize a long path, as well as to make few to no mistakes, but the event itself was also unfair because of several abusers. Indeed, while honest and upright players would use their sole memory to make their way to victory, others would think that it paid off more to illegally take advantage of an issue related to the summon skill. Obviously, such practices were widely denounced by members of the forum. "How can I have lost when I was ahead the whole time?" was a frequently asked question, until HGM iReject announced that the event would temporarily be disabled. This piece of news was given a warm welcome from the players. However, a question remains: when will it be brought back? While the answer is quite unsure, something is certain: do not throw your Christmas stars away. When the Dungeon Race event is back to entertain our community, only minds will matter and the players with the best memories will make the difference.

In case you are not familiar with this event yet and want to be ready when its new version is released, here is a short summary of what it consists of. The Dungeon Race is an automated event that takes place daily in game at scheduled times of the day. Every participant starts the race at Dungeon one. In order to win the race, which the prize is one cash point, you must be the first participant to arrive at Dungeon three. Of course, teleporting to any Dungeon map is impossible during the event, which means that the only ways to reach the finish line are walking, flying, or riding a pet. But the most important fact to know about the Dungeon Race is that there is one and only one optimal path to follow in order to be the winner. It is long and all the more difficult to memorize that Dungeon maps are quite monotonous. However, with a bit of training and a bit of patience, earning the much desired cash point is within everyone's reach. And if anyone dares to abuse an issue again, make sure to be the hero who will report him to our seniors, so that the Dungeon Race remains a fair and enjoyable event.

So happy racing, and of course, happy gaming.


Don't we all just love it when more and more people get freshly recruited into our awesome staff teams? Some of those people may not be so fresh for they have been recruited before, but nevertheless, we love them all just as much as we love all those freshmen that decide to take their chances in becoming a fully pledged members of staff team.

This month, as usual, nearly every team has got themselves a new batch of fresh meat, well, some of them are more like the kind of meat that you take out of the freezer after having it there for few days, but it matters not whether they are previous staff members or new ones, each and single one of them are warmly welcomed.

Lets start of with the team that most of you guys possibly love the most, and that is the Game Masters team. As always they gain themselves the largest amount of recruits, and thus, without further delay, lets give a warm welcome to the freshly recruited Test Game Masters, TGM Jicky, Shinn, Shacainna and Xhiketzu, they will now be taking part in the few weeks of testing period in order to see if they are able enough to become fully pledged Game Masters. Lets warmly welcome them and lets hope they all manage to get through the Testing Period.

We also have some Game Masters returning, not only from their breaks, but some of them have been given a whole new chance in being part of the Blue Team. Lets once again welcome the following Game Masters, GM .Dhez, Mudlock and the chicken master, PurEvil! Lets hope that they once again can perform their task to the utmost usefulness.

And last but not least regarding the blue team, I'm glad to announce that the following Test Game Masters have passed their testing period this month and now they have a chance to shine bright in their brand new pimpin' Blue Tags, lets congratulate the following GM's in passing their TGM periods, GM Nekutasa, MisterFOX and Daney!

As usual, the Game Masters Batch gained itself the largest amount of workers, but its not the only team which has gained new people, lets move on to the awesome Green Team, also knows as the Moderators whom do their job across the forum, making sure that everything is the way it should be, some of them are new, some of them are old, but its all the same, we welcome them with open arms!

And thus, let us welcome one of the former Lead Moderators, whom will be now taking the role of a Moderator, Angel. as well as the Ex-Moderator and Wiki Team Leader, Medusa. whom has too decided to once again join up the ranks of the green team, and lets not forget the awesome FireFox, who is once again decided to join into the ranks of the Green Team! But that is not all, some of our lovely Test Moderators managed to pass their testing periods and now they can proudly call themselves Moderators, and these are _tepp and bLuishpauL. This leaves one more awesome Moderator, as well as an Ex-HGM, whom has now been promoted to a Lead Moderator in order to make sure that this forum functions as it properly should, lets all hug Engel, for she will be the one taking that spot!

And for the last Staff Team which has gained itself more people, the awesome GFX Team who is in charge of taking on our request regarding any kind of GFX Work. Some of these awesome guys are coming back to once again do the job, and some of them are pretty new to the team, but they all deserve to be warmly hugged and welcomed as well as congratulated.

The following guys whom are coming back to the GFX Team are, GFX'ers .Kyrvin and .Cyrus! Welcome back! Lets also congratulate the following three individuals whom have been recruited into the GFX ranks and have managed to pass their 2 week testing periods, thus now being fully pledged members of the GFX Team, GFX'ers MAGDALO, .MsChinita and .OBEY!

Once again, as we do every month, we both gained and claimed back awesome staff members, lets give them all a warm welcome to make sure that not only do they stay, but also so they won't leave us again!


I love that song, not enough people listen to Queen nowdays, but aside with that, like every month, we both gain and lose members of the staff team, of course we prefer the gaining part, but in the end the losing some is inevitable, so all we can do sit and watch as it happens, and perhaps wish them farewell as they departure away from the Staff Ranks.

Once again nearly every team has suffered the loss of a Team Member, and so, we shall start of with the Green Team, whom luckily has not lost too many members this month, but they did lose some nevertheless, so its only fair that we say our goodbyes to them.

Leaving the Moderator team, we have the Moderator Hendelson. whom has been a part of the Green Team for nearly over 7 months, we thank you for your services to our community, and know that the Green Team will always be happy to take you back, should you consider joining in again.

We also have the Lead Moderator Jamir, who has not passed his testing time in order to become a full Lead Moderator, not only has he not passed the test, he will be also taking a break from the team overall, until he is once again ready to perform his duties as a Moderator.

And last but not least regarding the Green Team, we have the awesome Lead Moderator Remaxkoy, who shall be taking 2 weeks break from his Forum duties due to health issues. We hope you recover soon so once again you'll be able to be a part of the team.

Regarding the Game Masters Team, which too, has very few losses this month, some of them were GM's, some TGM's. And so, the following Game Masters have decided to step down from their positions due to various reason, most of them regarding the real life issues which are known for its notorious ways of taking away Staff Members from our Teams, and these are, Game Master Akashi and iWorm. We bid you both farewell and hope you can come back to the team someday again.

Lastly, regarding the Game Masters Team, we have the following TGM's whom have left the team, some of them simply failed their test periods, and some of them have just been silly and got them selves kicked out. The following Test Game Master whom have left the team this month are, TGM Marko, Rymndzor and dapr0. Thank you for trying.

This leaves only Two individuals whom have left the Staff Team, they are both from different teams, one is a GFX'er, better known as Marto, we thank you for your great GFX'ing services. And the other one is Journalist Clariss, whom have been removed due to inappropriate behavior as a staff member, and should seriously consider himself lucky for simply being removed from the team.


For the past few months we admitted that we could not reach our vote goal. There were so many rumors that our server will begin to vanish from the "MU Online" rankings. Rumors will always be rumors, either you believe in it or you will stray from the truth.

Fortunately, we have reached our first vote goal for this year. It is evident that we will not achieve this goal if we did not vote together. All of our hard work has indeed paid off.

All of us knew that this is the start of getting back our crown from the past year, like making decisions step-by-step. Conquering their position? It is simple, with the use of cooperative endeavor and a lot of effort, we can defeat them and it will surely bring us to the top. Although there is a lot of MU servers that uses an automated vote process which is prohibited in the rules. But always remember, good triumphs over evil.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get the crown back together and, always remember dear Forumers, do not forget to vote for our server and community. Happy Gaming and Good Luck!


You are a glorious Blade Knight Bounty Hunter trying to bring justice to the continent, in order to attain your goals you are summoned to find the most wanted mobs of the century.

Instructions: Download the Image below and Identify all the names of the monsters and the Map where they can be found. Under each picture, Using MS Paint or any Image Editing Program simply fill in the required answer. upload it to www.tinypic.com or any external uploading site then post your answer in the Journalist Contribution hall, first to post the exact solution will win 300 credit points. Good luck!

Please use the following format:

Forum name: Character: Image Answer (must contain your name to avoid ripping):


1. You are not allowed to change entries once you submitted it

2. Ripping or any acts related to is subject to the forum rules.

3. A watermark (your name) is required in each answer, failure to have it, your entry is considered null and void.

4. Staff Members are NOT allowed to join.

This Months Image :



You are a prisoner who wants freedom but there is a problem, you must find the way out of the maze to be free.

Mechanics : You will be given an image of an Maze Puzzle to solve. To sovle it, you must upload the image and answer it with your editing tools using "Red Color". Entries must be posted on a thread that you must create in "Contribution HaLL" entitled "Monthly Maze Puzzle" and the prize for this game will be 300 Credit Points.

Format of Entries :

Forum Name :

Entry/Edited Image :

Rules :

1.) Staff Members are NOT allowed to join.

2.) No spamming or double or more threads.

3.) No copying of entries.

This Months Maze:



This event is very simple, I will post a fan-art picture or a Gif from a Cartoon or an Anime, and the following picture will have a reference to a particular movie or a game, it is your job to guess what movie or game the picture is referring to.

Example Picture of a Game Reference :


Answer - The game reference : World of Warcraft

Rules for this event :

1. You may post only one entry

2. You are not allowed to edit your answer

3. Staff Members are NOT allowed to join.

4. The difficulty will wary each month, with it so shall the Credit Points Prize.

You have to post your entry in the Contribution Hall, name your thread "Guess the Movie/Game Reference Answer". In it, post the Picture which I have provided, and under the picture post the name of the movie or a game that it is referring to.

Prizes will depend on the difficulty of the round.

Easy - 150cp

Medium - 200cp

Hard - 300cp

This months movie round picture :


Difficulty : Hard


SOTW #: 174 Winner Theme: Postbit Artist: .Kyrvin


SOTW #: 175 Winner

Theme: Signature Artist: MAGDALO


SOTW #: 176 Winner

Theme: Postbit Artist: .PAULINE


SOTW #: # 177 Winner Theme: Signature Artist: .Kyrvin