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This guide is lengthy so I suggest just using your browser's search function to find specific topics


I been playing ZhyperMU for about a month now but I found myself going in blindly. I have tried to find starting guides but I can't seem to find some. Its also worth saying that I've played MU servers ever since Season 3 or 4 (I can't remember if ZhyperMU is one of them). I've also played the official server since the first season so you could say I played this game for a while now. Top down ARPGs are my most played games ever since then as well as FPS and MOBA.

What is This ?

Like I said, I found it hard to find guides for this server. This guide is for the players who played MU online before or played other servers beforehand. Although new players can also skim through this just to get the jist of this server. I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I'm just presenting everything I learned in the past month. If you guys think that there are mistakes on my guide feel free to post it as a reply so that you could help others as well.

Starting Fresh


  • If you're running on a slower PC, its recommended to you anti-lag patches. Anti-lag patches retextures or changes in-game appearance to make your game run with the lowest system requirement as possible.
  • Visit every corner of the website. There are a lot of good features on the website, you should discover them yourself so you could familiarize yourself to the website.
  • The ZhyperMU wiki has many guides. From locking you account to reporting players
  • I recommend running the game in "Windowed mode" (Click the checkbox on the launcher) so you could access the website easily without closing the game. Although this is just a personal preference for my personal ease.
  • Make multiple accounts. You need this because the game is restricted to 5 characters per account so if ever you want to make all the characters, make a second account. Also storage is so limited its a genuine idea to place extra items on other account vaults. Or just use other accounts as Market dummies for easier storage and money management.
  • You can use the [Alt] key to ignore MOBS and other players with your mouse. This is especially useful when getting ground/dropped items and clicking on NPCs like the vault.
  • Feel free to ask other players for free starting items although you shouldn't trade them just to ask for free stuff. Its really rude and annoying and they most likely turn trade requests off.

Character Selection

  • Each Character has different difficulty for raising. I judge the difficulty with how much maximum damage and effective AOE skills (For farming levels) for the first 1-3 resets.
  • Maxing characters is a tedious job although its worth it in the end. I suggest if you have 30k+ minimum damage to save points and just add the points later.

Here's a list of each character in order from hardest to easiest. I will also note how useful they are in the current PVP and PVM/PVE meta. As well as the pro's and con's.

NOTE: I will refer to level 1 at 0 reset to 1/0.

Rage Fighter (-> Fist Master)


  • Rage Fighter for me is the hardest to max stats just because at 1/0, They have almost no damage and are almost impossible to reach 400 without the help of another character/player for a party. Their AOE skill are unreliable and inconsistent. Items are also hard to find at start.
  • But to compensate for his slow start, his End-game potential is where he shines. He has good debuffs from his weapon skills, he has godly buffs, can be tanky because of DSR%, and he has strong damage output from his single-target skills which makes him good for PVP and boss solos.
  • Stats order build: (STR/VIT Priority)

At least 10k to 20k on [ENE]

(Early [ENE] for AOE damage. Add [AGI] in the process)

10k on [AGI] and [VIT]
Max [STR]
Max [AGI]
Max [VIT]
Max rest of [ENE]

Cons: Very Slow start, inconsistent AOE, no early item shop.

Pros: High single-target damage potential, Great buffs, Tanky.

Dark Knight (-> Blade Master)


  • The most mainstream character. Probably even the best at the current time. Although he suffers the same condition with RF for his slow start. His 'Twisting slash' has a small radius but you can later unlock 'Blood storm' on the master level skill tree which is a better level farming skill. He is naturally tanky and has a lot of bursty damage per second with his Combos.

Stats order build: (STR Priority)
Max [STR] (Add [AGI] for attack speed)
Max [AGI]
Max [VIT]
Max [ENE]

Cons: Slow start, Hard Combo System.

Pros: High damage, Burst damage with combo, Naturally tanky.

Dark Lord (-> Lord Emperor)


  • Dark lord is the equilibrium of all characters. He has decent damage and good killing potential but he lacks a lot of things. In my opinion he is the most boring class. He has 2 main skill and that's about it really. Although he looks good with dark horse. Also its easier to AFK farm if you have a dark raven.

Stats order build: (STR/ENE Priority)
1k on [COM] (Just to use dark horse)
5K on [STR]
5K on [AGI]
5k or 10K on [ENE]
5K on [VIT]
Max rest of [STR]
Max rest of [AGI]
Max rest of [VIT]
Max rest of [ENE]
Finish the rest of [COM]

Cons: No good AOE-radius skill, Hard time leveling on early stages.

Pros: High defence, High Dmg, Great Buff.

Dark Wizard (-> Grand Master)


  • The best character for boss solos because of his shield as well as his double damage rate (only if you're have Enis(Isis) Set with Anubis parts filler). Spells have good damage even from the start. You can have upto 60k max damage at 1-3 resets so its an easy character to start as.

Stats order build: (ENE Priority)
10k or Max [ENE] (add some [AGI] for cast speed)
10k [VIT]
Max [AGI]
Max [VIT]
Max [STR]

Cons: AOE skills are single-target oriented (Aimed skills).

Pros: High damage, Boss solo, Mana Shield negates HP damage.

Summoner (-> Dimension Master)


  • Decent Character, good starting damage making her one of the easiest to max. She is also a good character for farming in Acheron due to her buffs, debuffs and AOE skills. Her Chain lighting has a good DPS. The main bad thing with her is she can't PVP or do bosses without god-tier items so we could say she has a slow end-game. But with her Reflect buff might as well kill yourself (This is a pun okay :/).

Stats order build: (ENE Priority)
5k [ENE]
5k [AGI]
Max [ENE]
10k [VIT]
Max [AGI]
Max [VIT]
Max [STR]

Cons: Low defence that makes her very weak againts multiple enemies.

Pros: Really high damage and AOE damage, Efficient buffs and debuffs.

Magic Gladiator (-> Duel Master )


  • Nothing really to say, Decent PVP, can solo Bosses, and good farming skills. He's just an all-around decent character.

Stats order build: (STR or ENE priority)
10k or Max [STR]
>5K [AGI]
10k or Max [ENE]
Max rest [AGI]
Max [VIT]
Max [STR]
Max [ENE]

Cons: Very weak in close range PVP due to his low Defence.

Pros: All-around good character, Boss solo, Decent pvp, Good AOE skills

Fairy Elf (-> High Elf)


  • Easiest character to start as. You have 1k dmg at 1/0 and by the time you get to level 400 you can output up to 60k+ max damage with good items. Decent for farming and hunting items. Has really good buffs. Although her PVP isn't the greatest, its viable but not great.

Stats order build: (AGI priority)
Max [AGI]
Max [VIT]
Max [ENE]
Max [STR]

Cons: Other classes are better for PVP, Falls off on end-game

Pros: Easy start, Easy leveling, Easy farming, Easiest character to play

Grow Lancer (-> Mirage Lancer)


  • The newest character for Season 10, when starting up you can choose whether to max STR or AGI first. More info to be added about this.

Stats order build:
Max [STR] or [AGI]
Max [AGI] or [STR]
Max [VIT]
Max [INT]

Cons: ??

Pros: ??

Leveling Paths

Now I will cover leveling paths. These paths are what I used leveling my character. There might be other paths but these are why I mainly used.

1. Lets start with Lorencia (Level 1 to 20)

2. Noria (Level 1 to 20)
Noria Map.PNG

3. Elveland (Level 1 to 20)

4. Devias 3 (Level 20 to 50)

5. Arena (Level 50 to 400)
Arena Map.PNG

6. Atlans 1 (Level 70 to 300)

7. Lost Tower 1 (Level 70 to 200)

8. Kantru Relic (Level 230 to 400)

9. Barracks (Level 200 to 400)

Items and equipment

1. Here are a few ways to get equipment. For starters you can use +7 items from town stores. You can also buy different Skill orbs and scrolls through them.

2. Here are a few ways to start gearing and earning zen:

  • Zen Farming in arena
  • If you are level 400, you can hunt for Crusts for zen drops. Its advisable to wear Zen% increase armors or a 'Panda Ring'.

3. Farming Rena

  • Each mobs drop 'Rena' and 'Box of Heaven'. When you drop the boxes there is a chance to drop a 'Rena'. You can then exchange 4 renas for a +10 random excellent or +10 non-excellent item. This is a good way to get starting equipment for your character. This is also a good way to get excellent items as 'Chaos combination' ingredients. You can exchange your renas to the 'Golden Archer' at the east entrance of Lorencia.

4. Silver and Gold Boxes

  • There is a small chance from mobs to drop Silver, Sealed Silver, Gold, and Sealed Gold boxes as well as their key counterparts. You can combine Sealed boxes with their keys to unseal them. These boxes drop S3-ex700+ excellent items for your characters.

5. Jewel drop farming

  • You can farm Jewels like Soul, Bless, Creation, and Life at the Crust mobs in Arena

6. Jewel farming (From rings)

  • Basically you create new characters, leveling them up to level 80, dropping the rings to get random jewels, deleting them, then repeat. Here is a wiki guide for it Link: Jewel Farming Guide

Master level skill tree

  • Master level skill trees are unlocked by completing Devin's quest at Barracks. In order to start his quest you need to have at least 1 reset and level 400. Its recommended to do this with a party with someone who can kill Barracks mobs quickly including the Dark elf.
    However if you're going solo, its advisable to have 30k minimum damage and 6000 HP or High AGI.
  • Here are wiki guides for Master Level Skill Tree and Character Class Quests

*Recommended ML skills to get:

>20/20 on % rate ignore enemy def [3rd Tree]
>20/20 on % rate double damage [3rd Tree]
>20/20 on % rate critical damage [3rd Tree]
>20/20 on % rate excellent damage [3rd Tree]
>20/20 on most Buff skills strengthener and mastery [3rd Tree]
>20/20 on DSR% [1st Tree]
>20/20 on Reflect Damage % [1st Tree]

*Recommended optional:

>20/20 on attack skills you use. Strengthener + Mastery (Death stab, Multi-shot, etc..)[2nd Tree]
>20/20 on PVP DSR rate [1st Tree]
>20/20 on ASR rate [2nd Tree]
>20/20 on PVP ASR rate [3rd Tree]

The Marketplace

  • You will have to get your next tier of items through the market. Here are some notes you need to know before using the market.
  • Basic currency:
    • Most of the time, stacks of 'Jewel of soul' are used as currency. For bigger amounts players use BPs or black fenrir mounts. Think of it as 1 soul = $1 and 1BP = $1000.
  • Buying and selling:
    • You can use the /post command to send a Global message. You could also use macros to assign hotkeys for messages or commands. Here is a wiki guide: Macro time
  • Be Flexible:
    • Sometimes the market price change. You can ask other people for certain item prices. It won't hurt to ask others for guidance. Also, the website provides a list of the monthly market prices.
  • Buying on the rush:
    • Its advisable not to buy overpriced items because if often done it can change the market price of the item, but if ever you need to rush buy items you can gradually increase the amount you're buying it for. Just don't change the price quickly because some people will just wait for you to bring the price higher.
  • Common traded items:
    • Note:b= Jewel of Bless; s= Jewel of Soul; bp=Black Pet (Horn of Fenrir + Destroy); HRS=Higher Refining Stone; TCA=Talisman of Chaos Assembly; ECAT=Elemental Chaos Assembly Talisman; SS5=Seed Sphere 5
      • 1 soul = 1 bless
      • 1 BP = 1700 souls
      • 1 SS5 = 340 souls
      • 30 HRS = 300 souls
      • 1 Magical Backpack = 100 souls
      • 1 TCA = 30 souls
      • 1 ECAT = 300 souls
      • 1 Add Slot Token = 30 souls
    • As the prices for these items will always change and vary, you can always ask for a price check in our Forum's Market Price Discussion Board

  • Farming for items:
    • The best way to get rare items is through events like Blood Castle 8 and Devil Square 7.
    • In Blood castle, you can also get sealed boxes as well as most rare items.
    • In Devil square, you can get most rare items, box keys to open sealed boxes, but ultimately Seed Sphere 5 or SS5.
    • TCAs and ECATs are often dropped from both events.

  • Mass producing HRS:
    • You can go to Aida1 to convert useless excellent items to Higher Refining Stones (50% chance).
    • You can combine each and sell a stack of 30 for 90s.

  • Gemstone and JOH:
    • You can hunt for Gemstones and sell them for souls each or you could go to Acheron (Spirit Map) to try and convert gemstones to 'Jewel of Harmony' (80% chance) to sell more per piece.

  • Kundun Hunting:
    • If you can solo Kundun, you can farm ancient set drops from him. You can sell bad set part as 1FT = 10-30s. 1FT means 1 full trade. Which means 8 piece of a 4x4 slot part (Gloves, helm, boots, other armor).

  • Seed factory:
    • You can also make money by making seeds although its more of a gamble because the chance of you to get a good item is 36% or 44%. But if ever you get good ones you can sell them for about 90s-210s depending on the seed. Or you could add them SS5 and turn them into 1-2BP items. Here is a link for a wiki guide: Seed Master

  • Ancient item quality
    • There are 3 types of Ancient set parts; Normal, Semi, and perfect.
    • Normal parts are parts without Luck or Option. Isn't denoted by thing.
    • Semi or Semi-perfect are part with either Luck or Option. Usually denoted by "Semi" or "S."
    • Perfect parts have both Luck and Option. Usually denoted by "Perfect" or "P."