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Last lancer of the Imperial Knights. Utilizes one handed lance and a shield to freely execute both defensive and offensive skills, and combines the magical power of Arca with martial arts to yield powerful damage. Specialized in melee combat, they have high defense and are more resistant to elemental attacks compared to other characters. Also, by having retaliation/rage damage which can be increased by strength/agility, they are able to amplify their damage to extreme levels.

Grow Lancer is a melee character that uses a lance as her main weapon. Depending on the stats, Grow Lancers can have strong physical damage or elemental damage which makes them proficient in both hunting and PVP.


Weapon Skills

  • Defensive Skill

Defense.png By positioning herself in a defensive posture, a Grow Lancer can reduce the damage taken from enemy strikes by 50%.

  • Lunge

Lunge.png Grow Lancer who uses all kinds of lances, with a lunge skill she can easily execute quick stab attacks on her enemies.

Moreover, it penetrates deeply through an opponent's armor into the vital parts of the opponent.

Skill in Scrolls

Offensive Skill

  • Spin Step

Spin Step.jpg Pierces target and also damages nearby enemies. (Affected by rage power)

  • Harsh Strike

Harsh Strike.jpg An offensive skill which combines slash and pierce. (Affected by vengeance power)

  • Magic Pin

Magic Pin.jpg An offensive skill which pierces enemies 3 consecutive times. (Affected by rage power)

  • Breche

Breche.jpg Damages nearby enemies. (Up to 4 targets) (Affected by vengeance power)

  • Shining Peak

Shining Peak.jpg An offensive skill which casts a projectile and strikes the enemy in front of the caster. (Affected by vengeance and rage power)


  • Obsidian

Obsidian.jpg Skill which buffs the skill damage of allies (party). Buff stats increases as strength increases.

  • Wrath

Wrath.jpg A buff skill which increases your damage at the cost of your defense.

  • Circle Shield

Circle Shield.jpg A PvP only skill that has a chance to decrease enemy's AG


  • Clash

Clash.jpg A skill which makes you collide with your target and pushes the enemy away.

  • Remove Stun

Remove Stun.jpg

  • Swirl Mana

Swirl Mana.jpg

  • Remove Invisibility

Remove Invisibility.jpg

  • Stun


  • Invisibility



Season 10 Sets

Ancient Sets

Season 10 Sets

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Season 10 Lances

Season 11 Lances

Exotic Shield


Season 10 Shields

Season 11 Shields

Season 12 Shield

Exotic Shield


Master Level Skill Tree (Tabular)

Mirage Lancer Skill Tree Tabular.jpg


Rank 1

  • Durabreduct.pngDurability Loss (1) = Durability Loss of Weapons and Armors decreases for each point invested into this skill.
  • Pvpdefrateinc.pngIncreased PvP defense = Increases PvP defense

Rank 2

  • Maxsdinc.pngIncreased Max SD = Increases the Max SD of your character.
  • Automanarecinc.pngIncreased Mana Regeneration = Increases the Mana Regeneration rate.
  • Poisonresinc.pngIncreased Poison Resistance = Increases resistance against poison.

Rank 3

  • Durred.pngDurability Loss (2) = Durability Loss of Wings, Accessories decreases for each point invested into this skill.
  • Incsdrecrate.pngIncreased SD Regeneration = Increases the regeneration rate of SD
  • Inchprecrate.pngIncreased Life Regeneration = Increases the life regeneration rate
  • Inclightres.pngIncreased Lightning Resistance = Increases resistance against lightning.

Rank 4

  • Incdeff.pngIncreased Defense = Increases Defense
  • Incagrec.pngIncreased AG regeneration = Increases AG regeneration rate.
  • Inclightres2.pngIncreased Ice Resistance = Increases resistance against ice.

Rank 5

  • Durred3.pngDurability Loss (3) = Reduces the speed of durability loss for equipped consumable items.(satan, guardian angel, horn of uniria, horn of dinorant, fenrir's horn)(excludes cash items)"
  • Dsrinc.pngIncrease Defense Success Rate = Increases the defense success rate.

Rank 6

  • Armsetbonus.pngIncreased Set Defense = Increases defense when equipping armors of the same type.
  • Vengeance.pngRevenge = Chance to return damage received to the attacker.

Rank 7

  • Eneinc.pngEnergy Increase = Energy increases by a certain value
  • Staminainc.pngStamina Increase = Stamina increases by a certain value
  • Agiinc.pngAgility Increase = Agility increases by a certain value
  • Strinc.pngStrength Increase = Strength increases by a certain value

Rank 8

  • Cloak of Trans1.jpgCloak of Transcendence Defense PowUp = Increases defense while equipped with Cloak of Transcendence.
  • Shieldblock.jpgShield Block = While equipped with a shield, you have a chance to reduce incoming damage by 1000% of shield block value. If all damage is blocked, it will be shown as Absorb (absorbed).

Rank 9

  • StrongMind.jpgStrong Mind = Increases resistance against Stun, knock back effect.
  • Cloak of Trans2.jpgCloak of Transcendence Attack PowUp = Increases damage while equipped with Cloak of Transcendence.
  • Steel Armor.jpgSteel Armor = Base defense increases for each point invested into this skill. Defense gained by this skill cannot be ignored.
  • Protection Shield.jpgProtection Shield = You have a chance to ignore all damage while equipped with a shield. When protection shield activates, it will be shown as Block (blocked).


Rank 1

  • Increase Attack rate.png Increased Damage Success Rate = Increases Damage Success Rate of your character.

Rank 2

  • PiercePowUp.jpgPierce PowUp = Increases the damage of pierce skill.
  • SpinStepPowUp.jpgSpin Step PowUp = Increases the damage of spin step skill.
  • HarshStrikePowUp.jpgHarsh Strike PowUp = Increases the damage of Harsh Strike skill.

Rank 3

  • Weapon Mastery.png Weapon Mastery = Increases damage of your character.

Rank 4

  • SpinStepMastery.jpgSpin Step Mastery = Increases explosion damage of spin step skill..
  • HarshStrikeMastery.jpgHarsh Strike Mastery = Adds 1 extra strike to harsh strike.
  • Increase Maximum Life.png "Increased Maximum HP" = Increases character's Max Life.

Rank 5

  • ObsidianPowUp.jpgObsidian PowUp = Increases the skill damage increase effect.
  • MagicPinPowUp.jpgMagic Pin PowUp = Increase the damage of Magic Pin.
  • BrechePowUp.jpgBreche PowUp = Increases the damage of Breche.
  • Increase Maximum Mana.png Increased Maximum Mana = Increases the character's Max Mana.

Rank 6

  • MagicPinProficiency.jpgMagic Pin Proficiency = Targets damaged by magic pin have a chance to be immobilized for 2 seconds.
  • BrecheProficiency.jpgBreche Proficiency = Targets damaged by breche skill have a chance to be immobilized for 2 seconds.
  • Increased Maximum AG.png Increased Maximum AG = Increases character's Max AG.

Rank 7

  • ShiningPeakPowUp.jpgShining Peak PowUp = Increases damage of Shining Peak.
  • MagicPinMastery.jpgMagic Pin Mastery = Magic Pin skill's range increases to 3.
  • BrecheMastery.jpgBreche Mastery = Range of Breche skill increases to 4.

Rank 8

  • Burst.jpgBurst = Learns the 'Burst' skill. (Temporarily increases the chance to ignore enemy defense)
  • BurstPowUp.jpgBurst PowUp = Decreases the cooldown of Burst.


Rank 1

  • Attack Rate.png Increased PvP Attack Success Rate = Increases the success rate of attacks against PvP targets.

Rank 2

  • LancePowUp.jpg Lance PowUp = Increases damage while equipped with a lance.
  • CircleShieldPowUp.jpg Circle Shield PowUp = Increases the AG reduction effect of target.
  • ShieldPowUp.jpg Shield PowUp = Increases defense while equipped with a shield.

Rank 3

  • LanceMastery.jpg Lance Mastery = Increases chance of double damage while equipped with a lance.
  • CircleShieldMastery.jpg Circle Shield Mastery = Increases the AG reduction rate of the target.
  • ShieldMastery.jpg Shield Mastery = Increases the defense while equipped with a shield.

Rank 4

  • WrathPowUp.jpg Wrath PowUp = Increases the duration of the wrath skill.
  • Mana Reduction.png Mana Reduction = Decreases the mana consumed when using a skill.
  • Monster Attack SD Increment.png Recover SD on monster kill = Recovers a fixed amount of SD after you kill a monster.
  • Increase Life Monster Attack.png Recover Life on monster kill = Recovers a fixed amount of Lifeafter you kill a monster.

Rank 5

  • WrathProficiency.jpg Wrath Proficiency = Decreases the cooldown of wrath.
  • Increase Minimum Attack Power.png Increased Min. Damage = Increases minimum damage.
  • Increase Monster Attack Mana.png Recover Mana on monster kill = Recovers mana when you kill a monster.

Rank 6

  • WrathMastery.jpg Wrath Mastery = Defense does not decrease when you use the wrath skill.
  • Maximum Attack Power Increase.png Increased Max Damage = Increases Max Damage.
  • Increased probability of critical damage.png Increased Critical Damage Chance = Increases critical damage rate.

Rank 7

  • Mana Recovered Completely.png Full Mana Recovery = You have a chance to fully recover mana when damaged.
  • Fully restored HP.png Full Life Recovery = You have a chance to fully recover life when damaged.
  • AbsorbLife.jpg Absorb Life = You have 50% chance to recover life on successful attack.
  • Excellent chance of damage Increases.png Increased Excellent Damage Chance = Increases excellent damage rate.

Rank 8

  • SD complete recovery.png Full SD Recovery = You have a chance to fully recover SD on attack.
  • Double Damage Chance.png Increased Double Damage Chance = Increases double damage rate.

Rank 9

  • IncreasedRetaliationDMG.jpg Increased Retaliation DMG = Increases retaliation damage.
  • IncreasedRageDMG.jpg Increased Rage DMG = Increases rage damage.
  • ShieldAbsorb.jpg Shield Absorb = You have 50% chance to recover shield on successful attack.
  • IncreasedIgnoreDefChance.jpg Increased Ignore Def Chance = Increases ignore defense chance.