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Game Assistance Services.

About Help Section.

The Help Section is a place dedicated to helping all Zhyper members with their in-game and forum issue. It is the first place new members come to when they have a problem, so please be courteous at all times. You will get support from both staff members, and experienced members. Nothing you ask is a stupid question, so please, don't be ashamed to ask.

Before opening a new thread,please use the Search Button or the sticky threads in Help Section Board or Help Section, and maybe you'll find the answer to your question before you even ask it!

Good luck.

How to change your Password.

Follow these steps:

1. Log in at the ZhyperMU Website

2. Go to the bottom of the user panel and Click "Account Management"

3. Click "CHANGE" button right next to the Password

4. Fill up the following fields and click "SUBMIT" (NOTE: You need to have a master lock key in changing your password.If you don't have one, you can create a lock key)

/setkey <10 character key> to set a key.

/confirmkey <10 character key> to confirm the key.

/lock <10 character key> to lock your account.

/unlock <10 character key> to unlock your account.

  • The 10 character key can all be pure numbers , letters or mixed numbers & letters.

For example:

/setkey zhypermus6 or 0123456789 or zhypermuol

/confirmkey zhypermus6 or 0123456789 or zhypermuol

/lock zhypermus6 or 0123456789 or zhypermuol

/unlock zhypermus6 or 0123456789 or zhypermuol

5. You will see a confirmation about changing your password. After which ,you will require to log in again.

How to Recover your In-game Password and Lock Key.

For those who forgot their in-game password and/or Lock Key, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Go to ZhyperMU Official website.

2. Under the User Panel ,click "Lost Password".

3. Type in your account's registration email address, type the correct Captcha Code and click "SUBMIT".

4. You will receive a confirmation link informing you that your Username and details on how to reset your password has been sent to your Email Address.

How to Recover your Lock Key.

For those who forgot their in-game Lock key, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Log in at ZhyperMU Official website.

2. Go under the User Panel and click "Account Management".

3. On the Masterkey category, click "RECOVER".

4. Type the correct Captcha Code and click "SUBMIT"

5. You will see a notification that Your masterkey has been sent to your Email Address.

How to reset Basic and Master Skill

1.If you wanna clear your basic skills(For example. Twisting Slash, Swell,etc), just type /clearallskills "Your char name"

2.Example: /clearallskills Electricon

Note: This will clear both Basic Skills and Master Skills.

How to reset Master Skill

1. Just type /clearmlskills "your char name"

2. Example: /clearmlskills Electricon

Note: Now you can level up again your Master Skill Tree Boxes.

How to add Status Points

1. Just type this following:

  • /addstr x
  • /addagi x
  • /addvit x
  • /addene x
  • /addcom x

2. Example: /addstr 32000

Note: You may add if how many amount do you want.

Lost Account Details.

In order to retrieve your account details, Fill up this form: Lost Account Details Request

You need to answer the following entries that have asterisk(*):

  • Detail Lost: Email Address/Username
  • If you lost your Username, Please provide the Email Address. If you lost your Email Address, Please provide the Username.
  • When did you last access the account?(DD/MM/YYYY or approximate time, if you cannot recall.)
  • Do you still have access to the account?(Are you currently able to log in and out at will?)
  • Does your account have a master key?(Choose Yes or No for this)
  • Do you have any pilots?(Are there any other people, besides you, who have access to this account?)
  • Are there any items from donation on this account?(You may need to provide these donation details if you wish to change e-mail, so please prepare them if you have them)
  • If required, do you give the HGMs your consent to access your account for verification purposes, out of your own free will?(Attending seniors will not be held liable for any damage done to the account prior to them entering it.)
  • 2 to 3 character names in the account
  • Screenshot of the character selection screen(If available)
  • Do you have any other forum accounts that you have used in the past?(If yes, please provide them. They may be useful in validating your account. Separate the accounts using ;)

Lost Item Retrieval.

If you have lost your items due to an accident, lag, disconnection, or anything similar to those cases, please fill up the Lost Item Retrieval form and wait for an administrator to reply.

And also, please read this Lost item cases Guide

You should supply the following information:

- Reason of item disappearance:

- Items that were lost (including options and upgrade level):

- A brief explanation of how you lost your items:

- Evidence: [Kindly refer to this thread for the required evidence: How to make a screenshot for lost item cases

- Do you have a pilot? (Choose Yes or No for this)

- Character Name:

- Account Username:

- Donation Details (If the items lost were donated):

- Contact email:

Kindly check the Lost Items Cases article to know if you can have your items retrieved or not.

Reporting an Abusive Player.

If you spot a player who is breaking the rules, make sure you report him! Of course, you need to have proof that the player is really breaking the rules.

To report a player, you need to fill up the Game Reports Form

You would need the following information to file your report:

1. Offender's Character Name:

2. Reason why you have reported said character:

3. Evidence (which may come in form of a screenshot or a video):

Please note that biased reports or reports based on falsified evidence will be severely punished.

Lost Resets.

Sometimes, as you're leveling and gaining resets, you might lose them because of a bug. In most cases, we can help, but you need to provide adequate proof in order for your resets to be retrieved.

Just fill up the Lost Resets Retrieval form and wait for the admin to deal with your case!

You would need to following information:

1. Character Name:

2. Number of Lost Resets:

3. Current Number of Resets:

4. Evidence of your Original Number of Resets:

Please note the following:

1) Not providing all the information above will just cause delays in handling your case.

2) "I didn't know it was gonna happen" is not really what we are looking for when we ask for proof. You should be responsible and take a Screenshot of your character each time you reset(when you log in).

That way you can always have proof of your reset count.

Additional Helpful Guides.

Now that we have the important things out of the way, here's a few more guides and links to help you out in case you need help:

Ban Inquiry/Appeal.

For any ban complains/appeals and so on please fill up this form and follow the format:

  • Username/character:boybits08
  • Date Banned:december 02 2016
  • Banned by:HGMKiddd
  • Link to the Ban Listing thread:hacking
  • Brief Explanation:gm dnaman poh ako hacking puro trade trade lang poh ginagwa ko tapus may nag pasa akin ng 5 bps kahit minsan d ako nang scam or hack g items plss naman poh gm paki balik account ko

After you have submitted your Form ,you may view it here

Event Coins Exchange(Unavailable at the moment)

Simple follow this procedure

Be sure to fill up all the details required

-Username: (where the items to be added)

-Forum Name:(Your Username in EC panel)

-User ID: (Your Forum Name)

-Items or Services Wanted:

-Details of your request:

-Contact E-mail:

  • NOTE: Make sure you put a valid and active email for you to monitor your request.

Event Prize Request.

Fill up this form: Event Prize Request form, You should supply the following information:

- In game user name:

- In game character name:

- Forum name:

- Date:

- Event that you won:

- Server:

- Host's name

- Prize/s:

- Link to the winner(s) announcement (Screenshots):

- Current Credit Points:

- Most Recent Date & Time Voted:*

Character Transfer System.

Fill up this form: Character Transfer System You would need the following information:

- Previous Server:

- Previous Server EXP:

- Character Name on previous server and screen shot:

- ZhyperMU character names:

- Reason why you wanna transfer to ZMU:

Tournament Registration.

- Create a thread in Tournament Participants following the format:

- User name:

- Character name:

- Main Account Username:

- Do you agree? Yes/No

- Gear you are using?(sockets, Yellow Option...)

Need socket advice? Look no more!

If you need help deciding what sockets you should put on your set/weapons/shields, ask them on the thread below! Do not make a new thread, because it will be instantly closed and moderators will be sad.

Best Socket Discussion Thread.

Market Prices.

Are you worried you might be ripped off when trading on the market, or wondering if you're charging too much for items? Ask your questions about Zhyper market prices in the following thread.

Item Price Check Thread.

Need Help Leveling?

We have a thread for that! You can simply request for help in order to level up your new characters. Note that it is not certain that someone will help you, but if someone has the good will and time, they will.

Party Request Thread.

Character Name with Special Symbol Change Request

Do you want to change your character has a Special Symbol? just fill up the form Character Special Symbol Request

You would need the following information:

- Username:

- Character name with symbols:

- New Character Name:

- Screenshot of the character that has special name:

Note: please provide a non-edited screenshot.

Other Frequently Asked Questions. [F.A.Q.]

There are a lot of other questions that you may have, so we tried out best to answer all of them before you even ask them!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Forum-Related Assistance

Main Section now will be called Forum Related Request, and there are 2 sub-sections:

1. Legend Tag Application will work as it has been working, there you will apply for Legend Tag. There you could find all your applications.

2. Forum Request, will serve as a place where you could request to Forum Stuffs, like Change Name and more.

Legend Tag Application

First of all you need to fill up the form Legend Tag Application.

Categories 1, 2, and 3

  • Which category do you belong to?

1. Registered member for at least a year.

2. Forum hero for at least twelve(12) months.

3. Former staff member for at least three(3) months.

  • Were you previously a Legend? Post your application's link if so:
  • Have you ever been banned within the past 6 months? Post your Ban's link if so:
  • Have you received any infractions during the last three(3) months?
  • Provide ten links to reports you have posted (Staff & Forum Hero excluded):
  • Provide five links to suggestions you have posted (Staff & Forum Hero excluded):
  • Provide a link to one guide you have posted (Staff & Forum Hero excluded):

Category 4

  • How did you become a Legend in the first place?

-Registered member for at least a year.

-Forum hero for at least twelve(12) months.

-Former staff member for at least three(3) months.

  • Have you received any infractions since you registered?
  • Have you been banned since you registered?
  • Provide proof of your previous Legend Tag:


-Current senior member to confirm it.

-Other reliable source.

Forum Request

Before making a forum request, here are the Forum Request Rules.


  • Forum Name Change
  • Guild Hall Access Application
  • Guild Tag Addition/Removal
  • Custom Postbit Background System
  • Everything else that requires a Senior's attention.

Proofs Needed For A Certain Report In-Game


Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Character Name of the scammer
  • Screen shot of conversation
  • Screen shot of the items and their options
  • Screen shot of you getting scammed

Hack Site Advertisers

Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Name of the Character
  • Screen shot of what he/she is advertising

Staff Impersonators

Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Name of Character
  • Screen shot of impersonating a ZhyperMU staff member
  • Screen shot of him/her asking for account details/something private.

Third Party Program Users

Proof Needed:

  • You may fill up this Form.
  • *(SCREEN SHOTS/VIDEO (more preferred)


  • Please note that you need to capture your items while recording.
  • The opponent must not use any pet or scheleton/panda ring/buffs.
  • The video must contain minimum of 3 deaths.
  • The video must be HD 720 minimum.

There are rules when it comes to the CMT investigating a case. For the best outcome, the following should always be in a 3pp report video:

- There must be at least 3 kills.

- You must show your set options, ALL ITEMS.

- You must show his name.

- You must show your character stats.

- You must show your master skill tree.

- A reporter must Cover/Record his/her video including the whole desktop and showing hidden icons, processes, running apps on task manager not only the client itself and showing his/her gears/ml skills. This will going to prove that the reporter is not also a 3pp user.

- Must be in a decent quality to watch ( 480p or HD is better )

- Suspect name must be pointed to ensure identity

- Videos length must be more than 1 minute or so.

- A simple description of the video is a must

Admin/CM/HGM can still overrule these rules if the 3pp is obvious.

Language Abusers

Proof Needed (SCREEN SHOTS):

  • Name of Character
  • Screen shot of abusive language (race, religion, trash talking, obscene language)

All proofs must not be edited in any way.